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Previews of more than two links (Twitter) cannot appear in the topic. Is there a reason for this?

Can we change the settings from anywhere? So, I want to share 5 links in the same post and I want the preview of all of them to appear.

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Posting five previewed X twitter links in one post should not be a problem. Just to make sure I tested on Meta and another hosted forum.

Here are some admin settings (need admin access) related to Twitter links previews in one boxes:

  1. twitter_summary_large_image: This setting determines whether or not a large image summary card will be used when oneboxing Twitter links. If enabled, it will display a larger image in the preview when a Twitter link is shared.

  2. max_oneboxes_per_post: This setting determines the maximum number of oneboxes that can be created in a single post. If the limit is reached, additional links will not be oneboxed.

  3. allowed_internal_hosts and allowed_onebox_iframes: These settings control which hosts and iframes are allowed to be oneboxed. If Twitter is not included in these lists, Twitter links will not be oneboxed.

  4. post_onebox_maxlength: This setting determines the maximum length of a onebox. If a Twitter link leads to content that is longer than this limit, it will not be oneboxed.

  5. blocked_onebox_domains and allowed_inline_onebox_domains: These settings control which domains are allowed or blocked from being oneboxed. If Twitter is blocked or not allowed, Twitter links will not be oneboxed.

  6. enable_inline_onebox_on_all_domains: This setting allows inline oneboxing on all domains. If enabled, Twitter links could be oneboxed inline, regardless of the other domain settings.

  7. force_custom_user_agent_hosts and block_onebox_on_redirect: These settings could affect how oneboxing works with Twitter links, depending on the specific configurations.


Hello! Thanks for help, where can I find these settings? I have admin access.

You should be able to find them in the /admin/site_settings page on your site. Just enter whichever setting you need to find into the filter on that page.

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Ah okay, thanks a lot!

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