Onebox prevents new user posting due to multiple preview images

I had a new user try to post a link with a paragraph. However the onebox had multiple images embedded in it. And this broke the limit of the number of images that the new user is allowed.

The post in question:

(If I put http in the above link, a nice preview appears, but I can’t post it because ‘Sorry, new users can only put 2 images in a post.’, but by lopping off the http I still get a usable link at least)

I fixed the link for him, and attached you can see that the onebox has several thumbnails:

It would be great if these embedded images did not block the new users from posting links with onebox.


This looks like a bug, afaik oneboxes should be excluded.

@techAPJ can you have a look


This issue was specific to default_html_providers (i.e. Flickr, Meetup). Fixed via:

This fix will be deployed on your instance soon @tfoote. Thanks for reporting this issue :thumbsup: