Two community sections in the sidebar

A recent update added the community section to the custom links section of the sidebar, but seems to have forgotten to hide them until the feature was fully developed.

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Thank you for reporting this issue.

Is your forum public? Could you give me an address? It would help me to debug what went wrong.


Thanks to @kris.kotlarek for his help, this issue has been resolved on my forum; I can’t provide details on how this bug occurred, only how I got it:

  • Login as site admin (my = 1 )

  • Add an global sidbar section before update;

  • Update discourse-docker-manager (from_version: ad743ae11d4727847ec7666fc931f4914769349a)

  • Update forum using discourse-docker-manager.

from_version: f47a4e61ad8e61dd75efac7acdc9e03c94379643, f99b3af7ed4a21474f35223e83013ee3e8ad7002
repository: /var/www/discourse, /var/www/discourse/plugins/discourse-data-explorer

Possible information about the bug:

  • Checked the database and found that the user_id of the new sidebar section points to me(id: 1) instead of system_user(id: -1)
  • Resetting the user_id of the Community section to -1 resolved the problem.

If anyone can reproduce this bug, maybe the above steps can help