Two topics, one page

Don’t worry, this is SFW :slight_smile:

I would like to display two topics on one page, side by side for debate purposes. Does that sound feasible? Just an exercise in front end dev?

To clarify, I’d like to link two topics at the top level, perhaps only visually. One pro, one con and allow discourse for each.


Maybe an iframe? One next to the other, border off?

Thanks @penne12 - I was thinking of something along those lines. Just wondering if I am missing an obvious feature.

Not that I know of. I could throw it together if you want.

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That’s awfully generous! Planning on hacking it together this weekend, but feel free to shoot something my way!

Back at this after a long break - having issues with the iframe approach due to "Display forbidden by X-Frame-Options” errors in the console.

Before, I tackle that, does anyone have any other suggestions for displaying individual aspects of a Discourse instance (say, two topics which are liked to a parent topic) side-by-side on the same page?

Also, iframes would also likely result in multiple reply flyups - I want to stay as true to the standard Discourse experience as possible.