Two wordpress, one Discourse - how to set SSO

Is it possible to configure 2 WordPress sites sharing a Discourse forum to also share one SSO?
I thought perhaps setting both WordPress sites as sso clients and the discourse as provider. But if there is an option to use the two WordPress as providers it would be better UX because when users try to register from WordPress and get redirected to discourse it seems fishy somehow and many of them give up…

The first s in sso stands for single. The way to do it is have discourse or one of the wordpress sites be the master v(I don’t know how to make WordPress an SSO client to another WordPress).

You’ll just need to make it clear to people why the discourse site is the master.


I see, thanks. It would be awesome (feature request?) if the login could be done in a pop-up or something, without leaving wordpress - so not to stress the users.