Typing Icon Visible on All Text (even images, side bars, etc.)

I’m experiencing an issue that is only on discourse forums, not any other applications, where I see the flashing type icon (vertical line ‘|’) on all text, whether beside the topics list on the main page, next to my profile pic in the top right, other user’s replies, preview text, etc. It is all there. I’ve seen this on 4 discourse forums including this one. It doesn’t happen on any other websites or applications, just Discourse.

I personally haven’t been seeing this, but can you give us repro steps, including your OS, what browser you’re using, and if you have any 3rd party browser plugins enabled?

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It just happened, no idea how.

Windows 10 19042.630

Chrome and downloaded

If you look at the left side of the title here, you can see what I mean.