Typing time check catching Google Translate users

On the Let’s Encrypt community forums, we’ve been seeing a pattern:

Users show up in the “needs approval” queue with a legitimate post – these users actually do need help – but invariably in broken English that takes significant mental effort to comprehend.

I just realized that this is due to those users copy-pasting their post out of a Translate tool.

I have no idea how to resolve this, so I’m posting this topic for further discussion. In the meantime, we’ve been just approving all of these posts.


I am not sure I would call this a bug, if this is happening way much for your liking I would disable the check via site settings and just rely on akismet

Very rare for this to be a widespread issue


@sam I think i’ve seen this a few times as well - I figured it had to do with the broken english (a lot of spam is the same way) but they could very well just be legit posts that were pasted in.

Seems correct to me, if there is a lot of bad English it is going to need special handling anyway.

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