Send all cases of user typed too fast to the review queue

We noticed that without us knowing about it, many users (about 50) got silenced. Turns out that in some cases when a user types too fast their post gets send to the review queue, but in some cases it does not get send to the review queue.

  1. If a post does not get send to the review queue we are not made aware that a user got silenced.
  2. The fact that there are two different ways in which users who typed too fast are handled meant most of our moderators were under the false assumption that all cases of user typed too fast were always send to the review queue. That’s a reasonable assumption, the system is confusing by having two different ways of dealing with the same thing.
  3. Users often feel discouraged when they get silenced and their post doesn’t go public, and don’t care to try and message a moderator.
  4. When they get unsilenced, their post is still lost, which again is discouraging.
  5. Not everyone who types crazy fast is a spam bot. It may as well be a user who used google translate to translate a long text he wrote to English before posting it.

Please consider changing this and sending all those posts to the review queue.

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