UI bug with list settings component

For any list-based setting (not sure what the Ember terminology is), there is a bug where clicking the input box and then clicking out of it will replace the contents with “[object FocusEvent]”. This occurs in Safari and Chrome (running on macOS) on a clean install of 2.9.0.beta6 with no plugins. No errors are reported in the logs or any messages in the browser console.

Steps to reproduce (this can be reproduced anywhere using a similar list setting component)

  1. Go to Settings: Basic Setup
  2. Click the input box of the “post menu” setting
  3. Click anywhere outside the input box

Screen recording:


I’m failing to repo on commit 408ce1312b.

[video-to-gif output image]


This is occurring for me on a fresh install of commit d1a15d4f8d, so hopefully that narrows down finding the cause.

Very strange, I am on that same repo now repo and still can’t reproduce that bug.

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Wondering if this is a relevant change, given the issue I’m having is specific to the change in focus in value-list component.

Outside of completely removing and reinstalling another fresh copy, I’m not sure what other troubleshooting I can do here unfortunately.

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To confirm this, I downgraded to a commit from July 5. This issue does not occur for me when running 6c49ec39ea.

Hmm, I can now reproduce this, commit 201228162c. For me this is happening on component settings page.

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Fixed in FIX: Inputs using focusout regressed in #17345 by CvX · Pull Request #17389 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Thank you all for reporting!


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