Umlauts are NOT handled correctly for attached files in Safari

Hi friends,
I’ve trouble with some of my Downloads. Those ones with umlauts (ä,ö,ü) in their file name don’t get started with downloading by a simple click. Only via context menu. My Browser: Safari @ macOS High Sierra.

After the (force?) download is finished, the file name is corrupted. For example:

Right: Lösung.pdf
Wrong: Lösung.pdf

Lösung (test).pdf (1.8 KB)

I guess, this bug is regarded to ASCII. UTF-8 should handle this properly.

Any clue how to fix this?



I am having trouble reproducing it here, both on high sierra and windows.

Does this happen for you on Chrome as well? Does this happen for you on the sample you posted?



I’ve no idea what is the reason for. I’ve also did a reset on all of my Safari settings. Mobile Safari seems to work nicely. But the most annoying issue is the wrong file name encoding.

What version is your Safari?

Version 11.0.2 (13604.

Very confused cause I am unable to report on

You can’t repo this on your Safari?

Nope, no repro, anyone else with Safari able to repro this?

I can reproduce it with Safari Version 11.0.2 (13604.
Downloading files with umlauts in it from other websites (Dropbox) works fine though.

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I’m seeing the Lösung.pdf as well.

MacOS Sierra (not High Sierra), Safari 11.0.2

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What does this mean?


On my servers, I’ve got a blank page. You’re hosting the meta attachments somewhere else and I’ve got this error message. The download on the desktop version of Safari is only possible via context menu “Download linked file”…

Does this issue correspond to the click counter? I’ve also noticed, that external links aren’t working any longer… sample link


or alternatively

That is actually very helpful @terraboss another customer reported that in a different context.

@awole20 think I am switching service worker support to be gated on user agent and for now will only give it to android.

@supermathie has open weirdness with the service worker and looks like safari may have bugs.


Service Workers and Safari, a great match made in heaven… :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up - That sounds like a good workaround for now. So far it looks like it’s been the caching part of the service worker that’s been tripping safari up, right? I’m actually excited that Safari actually has some support for service workers, but I’m definitely looking forward to the day when it’s more stable.


Is this on normal Safari or the Safari Technology Preview?


The normal Safari is affected.

UPDATE: Looks like, you’re patch @sam is working. Thank you so far!

:white_check_mark: Downloads and external links are working.
:x: Just the issue with the umlauts in file name still exists.

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That patch is reverted.

And I see in Meta logs that you are using Safari Technology Preview, and we don’t support that. Please don’t report bugs in alpha browsers.

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I use both browsers for testing.

If you wish, I could show you a screen cast, that the stable version of Safari was/is affected. I’ve no clue why.

Stable Safari has 0 service workers support in their code base, so it can’t show a error message about service workers.

As I told you:

… on the stable Version. There was no error message at all.

And for validating / diagnostics, I’ve also tested Safari Technology Preview.

The last one helped me at least to show error messages. Who knows what the actual issue is?