"Un-pin Topic" button does not display while a topic is unlisted

We recently hit an UI snag while trying to remove a banner topic that was unlisted - we had to list the topic before being able to hit the ‘Un-pin Topic’ button to be able to remove the banner topic.

Reproduction steps

  1. Make a new topic.
  2. Pin the topic as banner.
  3. Make the topic unlisted.
  4. Try to remove the banner status from the topic.

Expected behavior

I can remove the banner status without having to re-list the topic.

Actual behavior

The ‘Unpin topic’ button is hidden while the topic is unlisted, even if the topic is a (pinned?) banner topic, and actually visible as banner.

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Can repro. This is an order or operations issue. You can’t pin an unlisted topic, but you can unlist a pinned topic. Since you can’t pin an unlisted topic, the unpin button is not displayed (as it’s the same button as “pin”).

Possible solutions:

  • don’t allow unlisting of pinned topics.
  • display the pinned button for unlisted topic, but throw an error if the user tries to pin instead of unpin
  • decouple the pin interface from the unpin interface.

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