Unable to change group access in public group

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I have an instance, of which I am an admin. We have run into an issue where we are unable to manage the first ‘Access’ setting of the group (“Allow users to join the group freely (Requires publicly visible group)”), as the checkbox is disabled:

on inspection:

The group visibility and member list is is set to ‘Everyone’:

I have checked another group on the instance and the ‘Allow users to join’ checkbox works as expected. I also tested with a newly-created group and the checkbox works as expected there too – disabled when not visible to everyone, enabled when visible to everyone.

What could cause this? How can I debug it? I have access to the server running the discourse instance but would be happier tracking it down on a dev instance, which I can create locally from a backup if necessary.

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Try unchecking the “Allow users to send membership requests to group owners” setting. Once you do that you should be able to select “Allow users to join the group freely.”


Yes, that’s the badger. Thanks :slight_smile:

Can’t believe I didn’t think to try that! 🤦


@bertieb glad it was fixed - knew it would be something logical (but I failed to spot that too).

As a quick aside, have you considered the implications of having an open group that automatically assigns TL3 to anyone who joins? You know your community best, but this could allow any new user to get many moderation rights to your community


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