Group membership access settings disabled

I have a Campaigners group at that has the ‘Allow users to leave the group freely’ checkbox enabled. When managing access, I can only change this setting, but the other 2 settings are disabled. I what to switch ‘Allow users to send membership requests to group owners’ to Enabled, which is not possible.

Note: This bug is not specific to the one mentioned, but applies to any group.

Edit: The group is marked as type = ‘Closed’ which is a bit confusing. The other group I created allows members to request access, and is also ‘Closed’, but technically it is not. Access is ‘moderated’ by the owner.

Looks like you already fixed it? I took a look myself and I see the ability to check “Allow users to send membership requests to group owners”.

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Hi Joshua, I just looked again and that checkbox is no longer disabled. I can now check it. But it was greyed out before, even after navigating away, reloading, etc. Btw, that was in Firefox 61.0.1 (should’ve mentioned that before).

Edit: When it didn’t work only the middle checkbox (allow leave) was checked, and the other 2 were disabled, could not be set. Just now I noticed that checking the 3rd option disables the 1st option. That logic makes sense, but maybe this same logic led to the buggy state too.

Anyway, for me it is working now, so you could close this topic. Thanks for your help!

Edit 2: I see you changed the title. The issue was on an existing group (Campaigners), not a new one directly after creation (that one worked).

I didn’t change the title, only the category.

Oops sorry, then that is my bad. I removed last part of title. Thank you!

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