Unable to customize the "Accept Invite" button text

Hi @techAPJ

Is the language of the “Accept Invite” button customizable?

I can’t find it in Settings > Customize > Text Content > Search…

Yes, search for ‘Accept Invitation’ or ‘accept_invite’.


Huh… I guess I was confused because the default text for js.invites.accept_invite doesn’t match what we see on the button.

Note: Invitation vs Invite

Here’s the result for accept_invite (we haven’t customized it)

And here’s what we see for the button:

… and when I change the value in accept_invite it doesn’t change what we see in the button.

We’re using the discourse-invite-tokens plugin and this is the Accept Invite page for the issue discussed on another topic about the “helpful” email spam checkers triggering the token.


That explains the problem. The discourse-invite-tokens plugin is missing a translation for the accept_invite key. We will get that added right away. When that has been done, you’ll be able to customize the “Accept Invite” button text.


Wünderbar, thank you


I just checked in on this and it looks like you still need to add the missing translation. Do you know when that will be done?

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Sorry for the delay. The fix should be deployed within the next 15 minutes.


It’s working, thank you!

Note (for anyone trying to customize this): There are now two places to customize. One for invites via the discourse-invite-tokens plugin and another for normal invites.

invite.accept_invite is for the discourse-invite-tokens plugin.
js.invites.accept_invite is for normal invites


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