Unable to expand "you flagged this for moderation" link

I can no longer expand the “You flagged this for moderation” link that appears on a post that I’ve flagged. Could this be an Ember 2.10 bug?


Possible, @eviltrout can you have a look

EDIT: seems to be working here @jomaxro what is the exact repro?

What happens when you click notified moderators. When I click it nothing happens, and I get the errors above. That’s the entire repro…

Here’s a video. I attempted to click the link 3 times.

interesting this looks like a permission issue unrelated to ember change.

Odd - I can view the resulting PM just fine when navigating from my profile page…

I just tried with one of my recent “notify moderators” and got the same two error messages in the console

GET https://meta.discourse.org/post_action_users?id=245556&post_action_type_id=7&_=1482189399523 403 () 





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Fixed per: