Link to Queued Posts

When we receive an email notification of a post which needs moderating the link to the moderation queue doesn’t work. Instead we get the message: # Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

The link it goes to is: /queued-posts rather than the now current address of: /review

Your Discourse instance might have overriden that email template (before the switch to /review), can you check whether that is the case by going to Customize > Email Templates and checking the contents of the “Queued Posts Reminder”?


The contents of this template are:


Posts from new users were held for moderation and are currently waiting to be reviewed. [Approve or reject them here](%{base_url}/review?type=ReviewableQueuedPost).

That has the correct url. Do you have a screenshot of (or can you paste) the email you received, by any chance?

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