Link to Queued Posts

When we receive an email notification of a post which needs moderating the link to the moderation queue doesn’t work. Instead we get the message: # Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

The link it goes to is: /queued-posts rather than the now current address of: /review

Your Discourse instance might have overriden that email template (before the switch to /review), can you check whether that is the case by going to Customize > Email Templates and checking the contents of the “Queued Posts Reminder”?


The contents of this template are:


Posts from new users were held for moderation and are currently waiting to be reviewed. [Approve or reject them here](%{base_url}/review?type=ReviewableQueuedPost).

That has the correct url. Do you have a screenshot of (or can you paste) the email you received, by any chance?


I’m having the same issue, doesn’t even need to be from the email link If I use the corner dropdown > review the url is /review but when clicked the url never changes and it just fails to Error
Something went wrong.
but also the avatar changes and show another user, some times the error is "oops! the page… "
Then if I navigate out I need to reload the page to get my avatar and stop seeing another user one. The avatar we see is another admin, all admins were able to reproduce the bug.
Any idea?
console error:

@octavioamu can you provide some information that might help rule a few things out? What you are describing with the user switching sounds like a much larger issue.

  1. Did you follow our official guide to install Discourse?
  2. What Discourse version are you running?
  3. Do you have any custom plugins installed?
  4. Are you using any kind of sso/external authentication

It almost sounds like you are somehow being logged into another non-staff user’s account when navigating to the review queue and the “Oops!” page is hit since they don’t have the appropriate permissions. If that is the case, there is something very concerning going on with your site. Does this “other user’s avatar” change happen in other contexts or only when trying to view the review queue?