Unable to find Discobot's editable text?

Following this tutorial here: Who is Discobot?

In my Admin>Customize>Text Content I only have 4 items and none are related to Discobot. I want to ask users to create a new post in the “introduction” section.

Side note. Is it possible to FORCE users to post an introduction?

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There’s a plugin here:

… that you can have users post an introduction:


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You can enter any translation key in the search bar and it will find it. The parent key for the narrative bot is discourse_narrative_bot.

You can find the text you want to edit quickly by doing a find on this file:


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@KyleTryon, if you are on the latest version of Discouse there is a problem searching in the text content page. This is probably why you can not find the strings you need.
See Hitting ENTER key not working in the full page search and in the text context page .


Thanks all,

Was able to get there using the work around.

Search discourse_narrative_bot.new_user_narrative.hello.message
Click away to a new page.
Click back in your browser.
Good to go!