Unable to login using GoogleAuth

Hi There

i am unble to login on mobile using Google2auth.
Gives the below error… can someone guide why?

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Hi @swati_vishnoi :wave: Have you read this topic yet?

I think maybe your client id setting is incorrect or not set. Check that your google oauth2 settings are correctly setup.

  1. In your Discourse site settings, check enable google oauth2 logins, and fill in your google oauth2 client id and google auth2 client secret provided earlier.


Followed the steps but shows like this…
Can’t understand what went wrong… sorry not a techie…

Do you mean you followed step 6. and nothing appears? From your screenshot, it looks like you deleted the credentials. :thinking:

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Completed all the steps … got the credentials…
put them in discourse…still getting the error:

Just to cross-link this here as well: