Unable to restore from a backup

Existing system: v1.9.0.beta7 +131
New System: v1.9.0.beta7 +155

I’m unable to restore a fresh backup of the existing system to the new system, and get the following error in the restore log.

[2017-08-30 01:03:25] EXCEPTION: ERROR: cannot drop function raise_users_email_readonly() because other objects depend on it
DETAIL: trigger users_email_readonly on table backup.users depends on function raise_users_email_readonly()
HINT: Use DROP … CASCADE to drop the dependent objects too.

Is this related to the unsafe column drop we did on email column in the user table @sam?

@tgxworld recently committed a fix in this area, our column dropper had an edge case



After updating the new server to v1.9.0.beta7 +171 the backup restored successfully.