Restoring Discourse 1.9 backup onto v2.3.0.beta9 +184

ERROR: cannot drop table users column email because other objects depend on it
DETAIL: trigger users_email_readonly on table users depends on table users column email
HINT: Use DROP … CASCADE to drop the dependent objects too.

So the docker install install the LATEST… how to select a stable version?

Downgrading isn’t supported, you can’t roll back to beta or stable until they pass the current tests-passed. You can use the commit ID as per this topic, but it’s very unlikely a routine upgrade is the cause - Discourse isn’t prone to spontaneous combustion.

Do you have sufficient free space on the server? Have you disabled all plugins and re-tried?

OP is trying to restore a backup with a schema from 2017 so this is not what he is trying to do.

Might this be related to the fact that delayed column drops are working differently nowadays?

Fair enough, I was going by the title, which said he was upgrading to beta9 +184.

Yes I was using v1.9 earlier and now I was planning to upgrade to v2.2.

I switched from Bitnami to a dedicated Docker install. Somehow latest+latest was installed. So I got v2.3.0.beta9+184 where the backup import failed.

So have to look up how to install a specific docker version

Might be similar to this Trouble upgrading from 1.9.0.beta11

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Yes! The solution basically is:

to avoid this just run db:seed_fu before you backup or upgrade Postgres


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