Unable to see PM lists for non-ASCII tag

When a personal message is tagged with non-ASCII character tag, the non-ASCII tag can be displayed in the PM Inbox, Sent, Archive and PM Tags list.

However, when clicking the tag under /u/username/messages/tags or /tags, only ASCII tag will return a list of PMs. Clicking on a non-ASCII tag will show “No topics found”.

I am using non-ASCII (Japanese and Chinese) tags sitewide, and haven’t had any problem except in PM.




Repro steps:

  1. Add non-ASCII tag and ASCII tag to the same PM
  2. Navigate to /u/username/messages/tags or /tags
  3. Click on the non-ASCII tag and ASCII tag respectively
  4. An empty result set for non-ASCII PM tag is returned, while a normal result for ASCII tag is returned

Probably a bug we should assign your Monday @sam?


The issue here is that we are parameterizing the tag name here which strips special characters from strings. This also means that tags with emoji in name will show same behaviour.

The fix is pretty simple (PR):

But I am not sure of the side effects of removing parameterizing. The interesting thing is it was I who added parameterization two years ago in:

But not sure what issue it was fixing.

I have tested the PR pretty rigorously locally and I don’t see any issue with removing parameterizing of tag names.

EDIT: PR is merged.