Unable to send a PM to user who is not accepting PMs?

On a Discourse forum I have just spent 10 minutes writing a PM to a member. On clicking the SEND button I am told that this member is not currently accepting messages.

Shouldn’t expected behaviour be to either disable the send button, or let the user know that they can’t send the message BEFORE they start typing it?

As this is a 3rd party forum I don’t know what version they are running but I know it is pretty up to date as they have slow mode enabled.

There is a user preference to disable incoming PMs. That will cause the effect you’re seeing - unable to send a PM. I’m not following what the bug is, sounds like things are functioning as expected.

Switching this over to the UX category because it’s not technically a bug, it works as expected but the experience could be better.

Ideally we’d want to save the people the work of typing a message before finding out that someone has PMs turned off… as soon as they add that person to a PM seems like the most reasonable time. Hiding the message button on their profiles and usercards would also make sense.


I think you misunderstood - my post has nothing to do with the user preference. The UX should be to tell people BEFORE they write a message that they won’t be able to send it. Don’t let them write the message first and then find out.


Now I’m following.

Looks like we already do that - just tested on try. So this is an issue when the user starts a PM directly, instead of via the message button. Agree we should stop the user as soon as they add a person to the PM.



To give context my flow was to hit the reply button on a regular topic post then choose New Message in order to reply directly.


That’s my regular flow too, all good!