Unable to send email from my forum

Discourse was installed on an Ubuntu 20.04 computer. Everything is running smoothly. However, we are having trouble with the email trigger; emails are not being sent or received. We are operating a docker container-based application called Discourse. Getting net Read out error. No logs of sent or bounced have been collected.
I have rebuilt the forum and tested in all the possible ways.
I have tested the SMTP server with Telnet:
Telnet connected to the SMTP server. It was working but not working on the forum. Done all the trouble shooting.

Hi Poorvi! And welcome to our community! :sunflower:

Can you confirm you followed the official install?

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Hi @tobiaseigen
I have followed the steps mentioned in the below attached link for installation.


Only the official install is supported here. I recommend you try again using the official install instructions. Let us know how you get on!

Though that’s not the conical official install page, it’s still the same thing.

Have a look at

Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install