Unanswered filter button doesn't 'light up'

We’re experimenting with the Unanswered Filter theme component. It works nicely except that the button doesn’t light up / turn red when you select it.

I thought I had seen a topic about that in my initial investigations a week or so ago, but I can’t re-find the topic, so I’m creating a new one.

(BTW it’s truly not clear to me where to appropriately file this topic about a(n official?) theme component that’s (maybe?) not working as expected)


Update: The button highlights as expected in

  • /latest?max_posts=1
  • /new?max_posts=1
  • /unread?max_posts=1

Strangely, the /top is excluded by default, but the button appeared anyway. It filtered correctly, but did not light up. I’ve just removed /top from the exclusions list, and now the button doesn’t show up (sounds like a flipped boolean somewhere…).

The button filters correctly but does not highlight seemingly anywhere under /c
It does highlight under /tag

#support will get you the most eyes on things quickly if something isn’t working. We can always recategorise if need be. I’ve moved this for you.

I think that @tshenry built this theme component so tagging him. (Sorry if my memory has failed me Taylor, feel free to assign this out.)

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I did indeed build this a few years ago. This component is very much in need of some TLC. It hasn’t been updated in a few years and has had some known issues. It’s been coming up more frequently so I’ll prioritize getting it fixed and will transfer it over to our Discourse GitHub organization so we can keep more eyes on it.


Thanks, y’all!

IIRC, I installed this using the GH URL. If you switch organizations, will my URL-based installation keep up with that (for getting updates) or will I need to uninstall/reinstall?


Everything should redirect automatically on github’s side, so you shouldn’t need to reinstall.


I’ve got a PR ready in our review queue that refactors this into a dropdown:

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 5.54.43 PM

This will rely on a minor update to Discourse as well (for the “answered” filter):


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