Filtering for unanswered posts

I am an admin for a discourse forum: and we are having issues with implementing a feature to add a quick filter for unanswered posts. I followed the solution provided here by @tshenry:

However, we noticed that the Unanswered button does not appear when accessing the top-level URL. But when navigating to any other page, e.g. , then it appears again. We aren’t sure what might be wrong here… as we followed the installation instructions.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated…


Just a heads up - we’ve been looking at improving this component. There is some unexpected behavior in certain scenarios as it stands that will require a change in core before we can update the component. In addition to fixing some buggy behavior, the plan is to move it to a drop down toggle that’s similar to the category/tag drop you would find on topic lists.

If you still want to use it right away, I would check your the theme settings for the component. If there is a / listed in the exclusions list, try removing it.



Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

I tried what you suggested with removing the / listed in exclusions list… it still resulted in similar erratic behavior. ?? And then we also lost the ‘Unread’ filter - which also seems to disappear/reappear ‘randomly’ when clicking different filters…

I suppose waiting for the updates is best at this point?

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Yes please :slight_smile:


This sounds like a great feature. I was curious if Discourse was updated to have unsanswered as a dropdown?

Thank you in advance

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The core change is in place and I have the dropdown version of the component almost working perfectly, but there are a few routing edge cases that I’d like to try to iron out. I’ll be sure to post an update on this topic as soon as it’s ready.


Thanks for the update @tshenry !!! Great news!!! :slight_smile: