Unanswered Filter

This component will add a new top navigation link that allows users to filter a topic list by unanswered topics. It was adapted from this post by @Simon_Cossar

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Found a bug - If a user clicks on the Unanswered tab while they’re currently on any other tab besides latest, it glitches out, the tab either doesn’t show anything or will only show the contents of the tab you’re currently viewing (excluding latest). Quick example on our website.

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That’s actually the intended behavior. If you are already viewing a filtered topic list, you can narrow it down even further by hitting the Unanswered link. I do like the idea of having an option to set it so that it will only link to unanswered posts in latest if an admin wants that behavior for their community. I’ll see about adding that next week.

Side note: you have some console errors for anon users on your site causing some breakage.


The forum I help maintain is on version v2.4.0.beta2 +66. I updated to the latest commit for the Unanswered Filter yesterday.

I had to run the site in Safe Mode with themes disabled in order to view category pages (all other pages function fine regardless). I created a theme with only this component enabled, and the issue persists.

I assume it’s an issue stemming from running a beta build, so for the time being the site just has it disabled on all themes.

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If that’s the way it’s intended, you may want to consider having it as a dropdown filter like the topic status filter theme component. From there you could have options for all // answered // unanswered.


Agreed…A drop down filter needs to be considered…You can get from there every category which includes all,answered or unaswered.Thanks.