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:discourse2: Summary Unanswered Filter adds a new breadcrumb dropdown that allows users to filter a topic list by unanswered (0 replies) and answered topics (more than 1 reply). It was adapted from this post by @simon
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I’ve just updated this topic to reflect some refactoring that’s been done to this component.

Previously this component added an “unanswered” button to the nav, but we’ve added a little more functionality by switching this to a dropdown.

Old version, for reference:


If you’re looking to update to the new version, you can do so from admin > customize > themes, but be sure that you’ve updated Discourse first. The new dropdown required a minor change in Discourse to enable the “answered” filter.


I’ve also created a separate component, which uses the previous behavior of adding an “Unanswered” link to the nav:


Minor feature request: could you add an ID or class to the li element so we can style this a bit easier?

Edit: I found my way around it:

.category-navigation a[href$="max_posts=1"] {
	background-color: var(--blend-primary-secondary-5);


I’ve got a PR in the queue to add a class name to all of the nav items:

so once this is merged, .nav-item_unanswered should work!


Excellent, thanks! And to be clear: this is a change to Discourse itself, not the TC, correct?


Oh yes, I should have mentioned that. This applies to core, and works for the theme component, which extends the core nav.


Is there a way to have the unanswered button exclude wiki type posts?

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Could be better to add a selector for hide some categories and tags.

We have a glossary wiki sub-category that should to be outside the filter too :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Can you explain how to do that? :grimacing: I’m a bit technically challenged…I am assuming it is this box below but for some reason it is not excluding those categories?


Hi @awesomerobot – I’ve just tried out the [previous behavior] “Unanswered filter link” component and it’s almost exactly what I need. There are just a couple of things on my wishlist:

  1. I’d love the ability to skip topics with specified categories and tags. Some informational topics don’t really call for replies; they might be in a specific category, or be tagged as “documentation,” etc. Pinned “Welcome” posts, for example, could be excluded by a tag.
  2. I wish “Unanswered” would behave a bit more as New and Unread do: appear only when non-zero, and display a count. It’s not as tempting to click when it appears there are no relevant unread topics.

With those additions it would be perfect—and, I’d argue, should be added as core Discourse functionality.

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