Uncategorized category shows up in sidebar, even when disabled

When I’m not logged in, the uncategorized category shows up on my forum.

This is odd, because I somehow disabled it. I suppose when I enabled the option that people have to set a category before they can post anything (allow_uncategorized_topics). So when logged in, I don’t see this uncategorized category. Also as a visitor, you can collapse the category list, it’s not listed there. But it is listed in the sidebar.

Is this a bug?


I fixed it now by setting default categories in the sidebar myself. But when empty, it does show up.

The sidebar option “users” also shows up, but I’ve disabled the public user listing. If that’s set, maybe don’t show that option, or show a text it’s only visible when logged in.

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I’ve been able to reproduce this issue:

  1. Create a new site
  2. Move any topics from Uncategorized to General if necessary
  3. Uncheck allow uncategorized topics
  4. Leave default sidebar categories blank
  5. View in anonymous

See Uncategorized in sidebar

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 1.49.44 PM

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I have a fix for this in


Shall I make a new topic for this one? When. hide_user_profiles_from_public is enabled, the sidebar should not show the Users option as a guest on the forum. Groups and badges can also be hidden from the public if I’m not mistaken.


This is a good point and we have fixed it in

Thank you again!


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