"uncategorized" wont disappear


I disabled “uncategorized” from the admin and the dropdown menu with the categories still displays the “uncategorized” tab. What’s the issue?

You are likely an Admin and will always see it. Mods and Regular members will not see it.



I have the same issue. I created an normal user to test it, but this category is still visible.

Discourse version 1.6.0.beta4

There are two site settings, did you disable them both?

And did you do a hard refresh of the page to ensure it isn’t cached (also you may have to wait an hour or two for the Categories listing, as that page is heavily cached too)


Sure both of them are disabled.

  • I did a hard refresh
  • checked it out with a new browser where I’ve never visited the page.
  • I’ve done all these yesterday

I can see the category even when I’m logged out. It is very strange.

Okay, that leaves the last resort ideas

  1. Disable all third party plugins
  2. Rebuild the container

You might find that the category still shows if it contains topics, move the topics out into another category.