Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined

When trying to change theme component setting, clicking the green check button produces the following error, changes are not saved (Category icons component and Tag icons component):

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined
Url: https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js
Line: 1
Column: 490273
Window Location: https://forum.url/admin/customize/themes/4
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Update to latest via /admin/upgrade and try again

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Already on latest, fresh install, no customizations or plugins other than these two components installed.

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Having a similar situation here:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘categories’ of undefined

When trying to save: default categories watching

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I have no repro on latest for any of the two issues reported in this topic.

Please be sure:

  • you are on master
  • you try with safe-mode if possible
  • give a very detailed repro if still happening
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I am on tests-passed - did a rebuild already. Safe mode still has the issue.

Anonymized error log:


Reproduce? Nothing happens when i select a category as default watch. Red cross makes it undo and green checkmark does not do anything (it should ask if I want to apply to old users, it works on another forum I installed).

Edit: Do you want me to open a topic for this? Or you can just move this post.

Repro steps:

  • install theme component
  • enable component for default theme
  • select component (Category Icons)
  • remove existing entry from setting: category icon list
  • click green check button next to the setting
  • error is logged, changes are not saved (green and red button remain on screen)


TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined
    at e.t._join (https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js:1:490273)
    at e.t.join (https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js:1:487153)
    at p (https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js:1:353112)
    at https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js:1:152256
    at r (https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js:1:340782)
    at https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js:1:152201
    at t.click (https://forum.url/assets/application-1beed43f1604869d65e7d466de8cb9119afcf1cbbc2eae42c98ae8f7a5d0edf9.js:1:933743)
    at trigger (https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js:1:312409)
    at t.e [as trigger] (https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js:1:291192)
    at e.t._run (https://forum.url/assets/ember_jquery-1d91c694d903342adc8cb39c93a87ce4c3259ee8cee5ab61289c257be5708f23.js:1:490423)

My error is happening on all default settings in admin for watching categories and tags.

Both of you are one commit behind the fix. You should be in at least #8d69944.

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Please refer to topic below, this containts newer information about my issue.

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Okay. But, if you are in 2cb805a683 still you have to upgrade to the latest version to fix the issue (which is reported in OP) in theme components.

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I understand what you are saying. In my test env I am on the newest build. Issue is still there. My error is different as the one in this OP. OP should confirm if his error is fixed or not.

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There is a bit of confusion and an unintentional hijacking of this topic for seemingly similar but unrelated problem.

When this issue was reported #2cb805a683 was the latest version.

I can confirm that commit #8d69944 indeed fixes the issue in the OP and this topic can be closed.