Unclear double question in setup wizard

When setting up Discourse for the first time, users go through a wizard. This wizard contains two questions that are virtually identical:

Describe your community in one short sentence

Describe your community in few words

There is no context offered, like where exactly each string will appear. I wonder how many admins just add the same sentence twice.

The wizard itself is very minimalist and polished. Kudos! This kind of double question is the only confusing point. Not a dealbreaker and probably this is something that most of us forget because we just want to have our new Discourse up & running. Still, if there is a perfectionist in charge of this wizard, I think there is room for improvement here. Clearer sentences explaining what is each sentence for might suffice.


it does give you an example


and you can go change it yourself again in the admin > settings

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Not in the wizard I just completed? (DigitalOcean droplet)

And in any case, it’s not that the examples provided make it very clear what’s the different use of each sentence.

Yes, but first-time Discourse admins don’t know this at that point. Out of the box experience is important. It’s a detail, and it could be improved.


well, i cant vouch for the marketplace install that DO has, its old and needs to be updated by DO.

It also clearly stated on the last page of the wizard

In the start, I also found this confusing, but as I learned where each description was used, it made it clearer. Would adding some context as to where the description is used be any helpful? cc: @community


The strings already exist, and they could just replace the ones in the wizard (for an easy solution that would keep translations intact):

-- Describe your community in one short sentence
++ Describe this site in one sentence, as used in the meta description tag.

-- Describe your community in few words
++ Short description, as used in the title tag on homepage.

it is an easy change, just need to get someone on the team to sign it off

Thank you for pointing this out, your suggestions were helpful and we’ve made a PR for this.

-- Describe your community in one short sentence
++ Describe your community in one sentence. (Used in search results and social media)

-- Describe your community in few words
++ Describe your community in few words, for the homepage title.

Thank you so much for the quick and positive response at all levels!

The new strings are as short and well descriptive as it gets.

Now to get DO to update the version they use for installing

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