Undeclared attribute type for enum 'status' after restore from backup

Hello! On my ubuntu server I play with vBulletin-to-Discourse migrate process.
Itself migration was did well, and I start for bbcodes adapting. Before apply next patch to raw text(with rails c regexp), i did backup from admin web-panel of my discourse.
Later i found some bug in my regexp and decided to roll back to the previous state(restore from my backup). And now(after restore), then I try to rebuild post html, I have 500 server error

and at the same time in logs:

RuntimeError (Undeclared attribute type for enum 'status'. Enums must be backed by a database column or declared with an explicit type via `attribute`.) app/models/post.rb:818:in `rebake!' app/control

Same error appear in logs, as I understand, caused of Sidekiq jobs.

May be someone faced with the same error?

I was try to repeat restore, with the same result.
And ofcause I was try to reboot my server.
Try “Safe mode” too… :pensive: