Understand the Dashboard (101 crash course)

Is there a CENTRALIZED tutorial or walk-through on the dashboard? What each category means and what the terms mean. In general, it is well done and descriptive, but there a few terms that might come to mean more than one things and I don’t want to make any assumptions.

There is information on the forum here, but it seems scattered all over. I am hoping to spend more time studying that searching for answers.

I’m afraid that what you’re looking for doesn’t really exist. I’ve made some notes thinking that one day I’d write a manual, but I’ve been busy with actual work.

You can check out faq - Discourse Meta and Topics tagged faq-material.

Thank you Jay. Bummer.

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It’s under redesign so you should prob wait… much of what you write will shortly be redundant.

Feel free to post your questions in this topic and I’ll answer.


Here a few specific questions:

  • What constitutes an “anonymous” page viewer?
  • If a person responds to a post from their inbox, how are the responses to posts recorded in the dashboard?
  • Under Top Traffic (last 30 days), shouldn’t the sum of the “clicks” equal the “pageviews” numbers? Whats the correlation?

Any viewer that is not logged in.

I’m not sure I understand your question. If someone responds to a topic via email it creates a post which is counted in the same way as other posts on the dashboard.

Not necessarily. A user might click through to a page and then continue to read (i.e. 1 click, more than one pageview). A ‘pageview’ isn’t the same as reading ‘one page’. Here is more info on how we measure pageviews.


how shortly…? looking forward to it!

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Yeah. I was really answering for Discourse in general, not for the question he was actually asking.


Define “other posts”…other anonymous posts…?

If a user is responding to an existing post in their inbox, that means they must already have an account. Replying to the email creates a post on the site, just as if they visited the site and posted via their web browser. Both of those actions are counted the same way on the current dashboard, as a “Posts”.


Did not know about the inbox option, thanks.


No. Other logged in posts.

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Good question – not sure. @eviltrout any ideas on when this will happen?


I have another task to do first unfortunately. But possibly later this week if all goes well?