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Hey, everyone.

A few months ago, I enabled the dark theme on the discourse forum to test something and disabled it the same day. Now one of the users just notified me that his theme had been dark on all devices since then. Users can not select the theme and it’s not enabled by default.


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hi :slight_smile:

On your screenshot, Theme can be selected by users isn’t checked, so it’s expected that users can’t select this theme.

Hi, sorry for the confusion.

Indeed only one theme is enabled by default. The dark is not enabled, so it’s expected that no one will have it/be able to select it. However, one user just notified me, he’s using the dark theme, which is quite strange.

I suspect he managed to select the option when I was testing this theme. However, is there a way to make sure only one theme is enabled for all users and on all their devices?


This is pretty strange; a theme should reset to the default if you remove the current theme as an option.

For this specific user, I suppose you could go change his setting as as admin.

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Are you sure they’re not using the proper available theme, but with a dark color scheme? Can you paste a screenshot from this part of their preferences in their profile?


Sure, he’s using the correct theme and doesn’t have any browser extension to make it dark. Below is a picture from his device.

image (15)

Here’s :point_down: the theme I’m using and the one that should be used by all other users.


Your screenshots show a color scheme, not a theme. The theme should be displayed above, like in my screenshot.
Can you screenshot that as well? :slight_smile:

Is this a case of default dark mode color scheme id?

Earlier things went a bit sideways if admin deleted color scheme that was in use. That situation got fixed when user changed color scheme — and missing color scheme was named somekind similar way.

If dark color scheme is setuped then it should show there, no matter if user’s device uses dark mode.

Logout, login — I reckon.


I tried to repro with no success, do you have some steps to provide?

I believe it may be the colour scheme that’s causing the issue and not the theme. But I still can’t figure out how to fix it for that user and globally, in case others are having the same issue. I hope the info below may be helpful in solving this mystery :face_with_monocle:

  • The default dark mode color scheme id` is set to “None”, if that helps.
  • Only one color scheme is enabled & can be selected by users.

Thanks a lot, everyone for your time and for helping out - I appreciate it.


Hey @BH10, did you figure out in the end?


Yes, I managed to fix it. I had to enable the dark mode again, and then the user had to switch from dark to white, and it was fixed afterwards.

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