Unexpected interaction between "suppress category on homepage" and "user preference for homepage"

(Dave McClure) #1

I found this behavior somewhat unexpected:

  1. Create category “Foo” with setting “suppress this category from homepage”
  2. Create topic “Bar” in category “Foo”
  3. Top menu is set to Latest | Categories | Unread
  4. Topic “bar” is not shown on Latest, but is shown on Categories (so far so good).
  5. In user preferences, select “Categories” as the homepage
  6. Now, for that user, topic “bar” is shown on Latest but the entire Foo category is hidden on their Categories page.

I think it may improve things if there were less magic in the category setting. Instead of “suppress this category from homepage”, there could be two settings:

  • do not show topics from this category on Latest
  • do not show this category on the Categories page

(Sam Saffron) #6

Why not just have this setting only impact latest and not impact categories?

Then if you really really really want it also removed from categories, use css.

(Dave McClure) #7

That’d be perfectly fine with me.

(Sam Saffron) #8

This is now complete per:

We no longer have an “entangled” setting. The name was changed to “suppress from latest” and it only suppresses from latest (and does so unconditionally regardless of home page)

Old “suppress from homepage” was removed.

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