Changing the TimeStamp of a Post


I’ve used the Change TimeStamp functionality a few times and it has been really useful. From what I can see though, this feature is only available for the topic, not a selected reply for that topic.

Can you confirm whether this is the case, e.g. it’s not just something I’ve missed, and if so, would it be worth me posting as a feature request for this? It’s something that I’ve needed to do a few times and have been unable.

Kind regards as always :slight_smile:



See also:


Hi David,

Thanks for the reply and confirmation. I see that it has already been requested so won’t post a duplicate.

For myself it is needed (relative term I appreciate) as I often edit out a Solved topic where the user has simply updated their original, single, post and then marked it as solved in the title. e.g. [Solved]. I prefer that we use the Solved functionality (so that the tick appears etc) and don’t edit the topic titles. As I cannot mark the root post as Solved, I copy and paste their answer into a reply to their post, then change the ownership of the reply to be the original poster. This post can then be marked as Solved and my world is all good again. :slight_smile:

One downside of my approach is that when working through a backlog, the replies that I create are dated based on when I get to them, rather than the date/time of the update to the original topic.

I had hoped to find an option to Change TimeStamp when using the Select Posts functionality. Not entirely sure whether this should allow multiple posts to be changed (as per the Select Posts functionality) or just an individual. The latter feels safer, and for my own (selfish?) requirement is all that I need.

Just thought I’d share the above as a reason as to why being able to change the time stamp of a reply may be useful.


I would like to create a new wiki post and change the timestamp so it moves to the top, as @codinghorror mentioned should eventually be possible. We would use the wiki post to summarize long topics. (Ours is a high-value group and doing ‘real work’ is not an issue.)