Unicode category slug cause 404 error

It’s happening on my production instance and development instance.

Reproduce step:

  1. Change/create a category with Unicode slug
  2. Try to edit the category setting
  3. You got a 404 error

Return of http://localhost:4200/c/测试/find_by_slug.json:

"errors": [
"The requested URL or resource could not be found."
"error_type": "not_found",
"extras": {
"html": "<div class=\"page-not-found\">\n  <h1 class=\"title\">Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.</h1>\n\n\n</div>\n\n\n\n<div class=\"row page-not-found-topics\">\n    <div class=\"recent-topics\">\n      <h2 class=\"recent-topics-title\">Recent</h2>\n        <div class='not-found-topic'>\n          <a href=\"/t/welcome-to-discourse/7\">Welcome to Discourse</a>\n        </div>\n      <a href=\"/latest\" class=\"btn btn-default\">More&hellip;</a>\n    </div>\n</div>\n\n\n  <div class=\"row\">\n    <div class=\"page-not-found-search\">\n      <h2>Search this site</h2>\n      <p>\n        <form action='/search' id='discourse-search'>\n          <input type=\"text\" name=\"q\" value=\"\">\n          <button class=\"btn btn-primary\">Search</button>\n        </form>\n      </p>\n    </div>\n  </div>\n\n  <link rel=\"preload\" href=\"/assets/onpopstate-handler.js?1621234483.753622\" as=\"script\">\n<script src=\"/assets/onpopstate-handler.js?1621234483.753622\"></script>\n\n"

Addition information:

  • Setting unicode usernames is disable
  • Keep happen even enable unicode usernames
  • allowed unicode username characters = \p{Han}

Change setting slug generation method to encoded fixed it, but I don’t really want an encoded slug for our topic URL

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