Uninitialized constant EXIFR::JPEG

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This bug is back. Happening right now here on meta…


Let’s see… yep confirmed, why did we regress here @tgxworld?

Because the gem was accidentally upgraded again as we didn’t pin the gem version when it was fixed previously.

The proper solution is still to update our fork of the image_optim gem but that contains our patch to support timeout but I don’t expect an easy time updating it. There is some history to our fork of the gem, the timeout support that I work on previously was at the per worker level which isn’t ideal which is why the PR didn’t land into the gem. The plan is to add a global timeout across the worker.


I faced this problem while importing. I think this PR from @gerhard can fix this issue.

Done in

Hopefully it gets merged into the official gem this time :crossed_fingers:


I updated our fork in


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