"Unknown error saving post" when starting new topic with inline code

(Gareth Edwards) #1

We just had an issue on our discourse where a user was getting an unhelpful error message trying to create a post with a code sample inline. I guess the code in question was not valid markdown, but the error could be handled more gracefully…

Attempting to post resulted in a lightbox with Unknown error saving post, try again. Error: 0 error and in the browser debug toolbar the error was reported as net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. Nothing appears in the discourse admin error logs.

The code in question is reproduced below. It was included directly in the post without any markdown formatting:

set -e
git log --all -M -C --name-only --format='format:' "$@" | sort | grep -v '^$' | uniq -c | sort -n | awk 'BEGIN {print "count,file"} {print $1 "," $2}' > churn.csv

(Gareth Edwards) #2

Although I’m able to create a post on this discourse with the offending code in, so perhaps the bug has already been fixed or is dependent on more than just that code…

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Can you reproduce this on try.discourse.org ?

(Gareth Edwards) #4

Sadly not. The person in question can reproduce it, but I can’t myself even when I paste in the same content, on our discourse or on try.discourse.org. She tells me the shortest string that reliably reproduces it is:

--format='format:' "$@" | sort | grep -v '^$' | uniq -c | sort -n |

Thanks for the pointer to try.discourse.org though. Might be worth putting a sticky post at the top of the bugs category to let people know they can try and repro bugs there without cluttering this forum (like I did!)

(Jens Maier) #5

Is she getting any errors in her browser’s JavaScript console? If something goes wrong with the markdown parser, it should report any errors there.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Does this user have any browser plugins or non default browser settings? Does she also have this problem if she tries in a different web browser, one that she does not normally use?

(Danielle Mew) #7

Hi All - we thought it would be easier if I responded directly.

I’ve just posted the string in question on try.discourse.org and it has posted with no problems.

Doing this on our discourse, when writing a topic with the following message:

Some characters here then nothing

it posts to http://discourse.softwire.com/draft.json successfully

However, when writing a topic with the following message:

Some characters here and then the code

set -e
git log --all -M -C --name-only --format=‘format:’ “$@” | sort | grep -v ‘^$’ | uniq -c | sort -n | awk ‘BEGIN {print “count,file”} {print $1 “,” $2}’ > churn.csv

It posts to http://discourse.softwire.com/draft.json but errors with message (failed) net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

If I then try and post this message, a lightbox appears with "Unknown error saving pistm try again, Error:0 error. Looking in the console, the post to http://discourse.softwire.com/posts has failed again with net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

Hope that helps!

(Jeff Atwood) #8

It looks like there is something between you and the server that is blocking that content, like anti-virus, firewall, or proxy. That is my guess. Does it happen if you post it from a mobile phone?

(Kane York) #9

The server isn’t hosted at DO…

$ curl ipinfo.io/
  "ip": "",
  "hostname": "No Hostname",
  "city": "London",
  "region": "London",
  "country": "GB",
  "loc": "51.5472,-0.1376",
  "org": "AS25180 Exponential-e Ltd",
  "postal": "NW5"

… so I think it’s your IDS (Intrusion Detection System) interfering, @dani_m.

(Gareth Edwards) #10

Aha, thanks for you help guys! Glad we got to the bottom of it

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