"Unlikable" posts can be liked using keyboard navigation

Unikable posts can be liked by using the K and L keys. This does not apply to posts that you made.
post link: Lenient Interdependent Bans - Suggestions - Dark Gaming

  1. Find a post with no like button.
  2. Press K and it will select the post. Else, select the post with the J and K keys.
  3. Press L to like the post.
  4. It will like the post If it doesn’t show, reresh and it will show the like.

Note: You can also like the post if you enter safe mode, find the post, and a heart button will show up, ready to like.

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Looks like the Discourse Voting Plugin hides that like button with CSS, so the like button is only hidden visually, which is why the action can still occur.

Does this have any sort of negative impact on how this plugin works?