Unlisted-ness too subtle

I create an unlisted post about once a week. Right after I schedule the next blog post for publishing, I create an unlisted post in our Discource community promoting the post & then cross-link from the blog for discussion after reading. Four times out of five, one or more of my fellow moderators contacts me to tell me the link to the blog is broken. They don’t realize the post is unlisted pending blog publication.

I’ve gone as far as demonstrating the creation of an unlisted post in front of the entire company. Still I get these frantic pings that I’ve posted a broken link.

When I whisper, it’s quite obvious to those who can see it that they’re looking at something most people can’t see: the text is grey and italic. Super-obvious.

When I make a post unlisted, there’s a crossed-out eyeball next to the title and that’s it. It otherwise looks perfectly normal.

Please consider updating the styling of unlisted posts to make it more obvious that you’re looking at something most people can’t see.


My first thought was that it might be possible to add styling to unlisted topics through your site’s theme. But, when I look at the markup for an unlisted topic, I’m not seeing any CSS classes that indicate the topic is unlisted. Unless there is a CSS class that I’m missing, maybe one should be added to the markup for unlisted topics.


Is this relating to the styling of the topics in topic lists (like the home page) or the styling of the topic itself?

Can you attach a quick screenshot of the problem?

We can certainly look at adding CSS classes to make it easier for you to style this

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This is for tomorrow’s blog post:


Sure we can add a to level css class to the topic pages, @vinothkannans can you take care of this?


We do things slightly differently, which may (or may not) help.

On our Discourse we have a “staff quarantine” category.

In there, we create new posts (listed, not unlisted) then simply schedule that post for publication to the relevant public category :man_shrugging:t2:

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Thanks @Richie. I came across that recently, but since my attempt at letting folks know about Unlisted posts was not successful, I did not even want to attempt introducing the quarantine concept. :woman_shrugging:


Opened a new PR :arrow_down: for this feature