Unlisted topic appears in RSS feed

RSS feed (/latest.rss) items show unlisted topics, this should not be the case

I’m on this mornings build (7009f9c95e)

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Are we certain this is not a caching issue? Does it vanish once the cache expires?

I’ll keep monitoring my feed daily, so far the topic is still in the feed.

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I checked this:

First check on d5f6262c4f which is about 2 days earlier then your Discourse version.

Here is the listed Welcome topic.

Now I unlist it.

No found, so this is works as expected on this version. Now I update to the latest version Discourse which is now the b75dc04a25.

And it still no found so I cannot repro this on the very latest Discourse. I think you have to try to update to the latest version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to be sure I list it again

and unlist…


Nope, can’t reproduce this either.


I just listed/unlisted the topic, and it’s still visible in the RSS feed.

Strange tho… not sure what else I can try.

Any possibility this is plugin related?

Hmm for some reason after I did some more testing, and it seems to work now as expected :anguished:

Thanks for the help.

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Same experience here with same build 7009f9c95e. Topic and reply are also appear in RSS feed.

My case, comment/reply after topic become unlisted is appear.

Previously, the topic is public then it unlisted.
thank you

I have to rectify, the issue is still there but in /posts.rss - now with posts.rss I also have some very inconsistent behavior

  • when logged in I get an error (Oops, page is private) when opening /posts.rss
  • Incognito /posts.rss loads as I would expect
  • somehow my RSS reader (feeder.co) can read the feed when it’s added including the unlisted topic
  • the same RSS reader browser extension, which also prettifies .rss pages to readable format can’t fetch the page directly: “This feed is empty”
    • unwanted feed item in question is OP of a topic, not sure why it’s in /posts.rss


Yeah looks like we are not omitting unlisted from the posts.json route.

We will get that sorted over the next week, need to decide how we do the omission. It is probably technically correct to remove it from the public_posts scope since it already joins into topic, but we need to carefully test.


Should be fixed by:

I also noticed we included small actions in the feed, so I filtered them out.


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