Unlisted topic is visible in notification popup if a category is watched?

I posted a new topic in our private category and I made it immediately unlisted.
After a few hours I see the topic received one like by a team-member and then a reply from another team-member.

The unlisted topics should not be visible only to administrators and moderators?

I think the problem here is that those members have the category as “watched” on their profiles.
Infact they “see” this unlisted topic when they opened the notifications tab clicking on their avatars.

I asked to another team-member to check his notifications and he hasn’t received it.
I checked his profile settings and I see he has no categories “watched”.

(tested on v1.8.0.beta13 +16)

If they are watching the category, then they got a notification immediately when you posted the topic, before you unlisted it.

If you want it to be in some category that people might be watching, but have it not show up in their notifications, it might work to post it in a private category, unlist it, then move it to that category.

Edit : but @jomaxro’s idea is better


Just to double check, you posted it, and only after it was posted you used the admin wrench to make it unlisted? That short moment will allow for the notification.

If you want to avoid the notifications, make the topic unlisted before you post it:


Thanks @pfaffman and @jomaxro for clarification.

@jomaxro’s suggestion is a good workaround to me.

But what is the sense of having a similar function if the topic is equally visible for users that watch a category?

I mean, I know that we can unlist a topic already published for a zillion of reasons but I also believe that this particular function should be implemented in some way when we create new topics.

What do you think?

I’m a bit confused here. If I recall correctly, the toggle I shared above was added to address your exact complaint. It allows you to create a topic that is unlisted when it is created, thus preventing notifications. It’s not a workaround…

Edit: Here’s the topic:


Me too. :sweat_smile:

So, Toggle Whisper and Toggle Unlisted is the same function or not? Or I miss something?

In this case I don’t understand why I have a different name here.

Whisper and Unlisted are completely different functions. Unlisted applies to topics, where whisper applies to posts. An unlisted topic can only be seen by those with a direct link. A whisper is a post that can only be seen by site staff.


That’s why I can’t change a whisper to a visible post for all the users.

Do you know if there is a site setting to enable it?

I do not believe that feature currently exists.

Ah sorry, I lost this part

Thanks for your help, it’s all clear now.

@moderators this topic can be closed, thanks

(I move the topic into the #support category)