Unlogged error while failing to merge users

I have one person who for historical reasons has two identities on my forum, and (with permission) I’m trying to merge them. After maybe 15 seconds after typing the unlock “transfer” phrase and starting the merge, I get an error box:

There was an error while merging the users.

There’s no error in the error log in the UI. I see no record of this in the rails log on the filesystem. What logs might I look in to find the source of the problem?

I’m up to date as of this morning, 093ee1d80c269afd00ba1341a3e71eb97e4ce7f1


My guess is that the problem is that the users you are trying to merge have a lot of activity on the forum. Merging users through the UI can timeout in these cases. This is a known problem that we are planning to fix.

You may have to merge the users by running the rake users:merge task from your site’s backend. Details about how to do that are here: Rake task for merging users.


Ah thank you! I had been merging from the rake task for months, and didn’t realize the results could be different. Much appreciated!

Also, confirmed that it worked. :slight_smile:


I struck the issue too - but before reading this, found that simply repeating a couple of times seemed to resolve the error (or at least resulted in completion without any error message). Perhaps a few more posts get migrated with each attempt, until completion occurs before timeout?


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