Unread (1) displayed since 2.6.0beta5

Our forum is now 2.6.0beta6 and will erroneously display Unread (1) even though user has no unread. Unsure on which specific logs to post. Are others seeing this?


When exactly does this happen? I have always been seeing this bug when I open a topic, and then go back to Latest with the backwards button of the navigator. Reloading makes it disappear.
Is it the same case for you?


Do you use shared drafts, this can cause this issue.

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Once I click Unread it goes away. If I browse away to example.com and head back to the forum, it returns.

Yes, currently have Shared Drafts on. I’m unclear on how to disable it.

In settings I only see:

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Visit the shared drafts category then read all the stuff.

To disable simply remove the shared drafts category site setting and delete all the topics there.

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We’re having the same problem. In our case, the shared drafts category is “Uncategorized”, which I guess means that we’ve disabled shared drafts?

Perhaps this is related to a problem we’re having with the Babble plugin which is also stuck claiming that we have unread chat messages.

Problem appears on each refresh. Clicking on Unread displays an empty list.

Seems our problem with errors is possibly also connected to Babble chat (which I see is now listed as broken and unmaintained). Bummer, but I’ll be removing to for the time being.

Yeah, that’s probably the problem. I had noticed that Babble was broken but not that it had officially been marked as unmaintained. Sigh.

I just disabled Babble but the problem persists. It seem like there is one message stuck as unread. Any ideas about how to fix that?


@sunjam: were you able to resolve this? I’m stuck with Unread (1) at the moment even after disabling Babble…

This issue happens occasionally on our forum too. Our “shared drafts” settings are here:

Αταξινόμητα = uncategorized (which is a disabled category)

We haven’t ever used this feature, but we also can’t find a way to completely remove the shared drafts setting…

I’m no longer seeing Unread (1). All the bugs I’ve reported have been addressed, we’re on latest Tests-Pass, Babble removed, and all of our theme components are up-to-date.