Unread (1) in the menu - Open directly that last unread post

It would be great if the forum directly opens the last unread post if there is only one left. At the moment I have to click on the Unread menu butten and then from there a second time on the post itself.

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Until you click the notification symbol/icon you don’t know what type of notification it is, it could just be a “x liked your post” and automatically opening those things would probably not be that useful.

I dont talk about the symbol/icon on the top right. I talk about the menu on the front page.

Ooh, you should have been a bit more precise :stuck_out_tongue: Now I see what you were saying, but I still don’t like the idea.

You mean because you dont know what you are opening?

But when you click on “Unread” and there is only one topic left. Your intention is to open it you probably know what that topic is.

Not necessarily. Sometimes I decide that I don’t want to follow that topic anymore and click on the “Dismiss topic” button.

Ah okay. true. But I can unfollow on the topic itself? So you could go with one click to that single topic and click a second time to unfollow. And I (who wants to read with one click) can read. :wink:

Have you tried using the Suggested Topics?

Yeah, actually that “flow” works even better than what I’ve done. I think its okay how it is. :wink: It just doesnt made sense to me, to click two times to get to a thread…