Unusually large Service Worker cache usage

While I try to free up my disk space, I noticed that my Google Chrome profile is consuming an unusually large amount of disk space. The file system visualization tool points to the Service Worker Cache Storage folder consuming a lot of disk space.

To see the top list of sites, in Google Chrome, go to SettingsPrivacy and securitySite SettingsView permissions and data stored across sites → Sort by: Data stored.

Then I see this… (I showed the top 2 subdomains for each site for comparison) …and noticed a pattern. Most of them belong to Discourse instances.

After clearing the cache storage consumed by Discorse, 5 GB of disk space has been freed. (From 8.2 GB → 3.2 GB.)

Not sure if this is a bug in Discourse or why across the web Discourse instances seem to take up majority of the service worker cache.


Unfortunately this is a quirk of how chrome reports cache usage. The space reported doesn’t accurately reflect the space used on disk. We’re working on some improvements to work around the problem, but they’re not quite ready yet. You can find some more info here:


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