High local storage reported by Chrome

I have a user in my community who sent me this screenshot. They said they were shown “a warning” by Chrome… neither he, nor I, can find this same list-by-total-storage-amount within Chrome. (My community is forum.moversmindset.com )

…my first thought was, “oh! twist that reveal triangle open!” but it’s far too late for that, and we can’t find this again to do so.

I’m swag’ing (scientific, wild-ass, guessing) that local storage in this context includes caching… but my entire forum doesn’t have that much content. Unless Chrome is caching audio or video files that stream from things like Sound Cloud or Vimeo via embedded players…

I’m out of ideas. I’d say, “brah just ignore it” but I agree that 400Mb of storage on someone’s computer is not what I’d like my Discourse community to do to someone.

Also: An @support should Do The Right Thing around here. Just sayin’.

This is a know Chrome quirk where it misreports by a lot (100MB may be reported as 5GB).

We are actively working on ways to mitigate this issue as we get frequent reports, but it is quite complicated as it involves assets served from CDNs.

You can read more about it in


Terrific! Thanks for explanation :slight_smile:


For future reference, tap the three vertical dots menu > Settings > Site Settings > Storage to get there. :slight_smile:

I’ve had to use that screen a few times to completely clear all the site data for my forums when Chrome would just outright refuse to load them at all due to the cache getting corrupted.

To give you an idea of how off that number can be, my device shows it is using 4.75GB for Meta.