Upcoming priorities for chat?

I’ve been loving the chat feature ever since it was a separate plugin and am excited to see where it goes in the future. It seems moving to core was a big step for it and I’m curious to learn more about what are some of the upcoming priorities for development.

I understand why groups don’t like to publish public roadmaps, and yet I’m also hoping to learn a little more, perhaps informally, about what are some of the things the team wants to achieve with chat. Maybe a topic isn’t the right place, so I’m open to private topics or a DM conversation, too.

Are there any perspectives on the short-, medium-, or long-term directions of the chat feature that someone from the team feels excited to share?


I think I can safely say our priorities are in 3 categories:

  • develop few new big features (threading being the next one coming)
  • improve existing features (notifications being at the top of the list on this subject)
  • improve the codebase, which is very likely also improving the existing features