Update all users email watchlist with a (newly created) category

Decided not to necro this topic.

because…the plugin mentioned is 7 years old and the last post is three years old so I’m reticient to try them as the db structure might have changed.

I need a way to forceibly add a (newly created) category to every exisitng user’s watch list (and future new users too).

What is the way circa 2022. Still have to do ruby/rails console?

I’ll need details/tutorial/FAQ/wiki on how to get to console (in the container) and exactly the commands. I’m am not a ruby/rails coder but am familiar with docker and command lines and other languages including bash.

Administrative Bulk Operations should have some hints and how to get to the console. And it has How do I set category tracking level defaults historically

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Yes looks like the second link still works so that took care of it. So functionality has been added to UI. But other link still usefull if I need to do some tweeks not in the ui. Thx

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Oops. Yeah. I forgot that! Sorry.

I guess I focused on

and not

Maybe I thought you’d already have tried the UX. :person_shrugging:

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