Update / re-download the default theme and color palette

My discourse install is 7+ years old now and it’s still using the default theme / color palette that shipped with the original install.

Is there a way to update the default theme and color palette to one that ships with a new install/latest version? I see an option to install a custom theme, if one cannot update would that be the right way to re-download the latest “default” theme / color palette?

After enabling the dark theme option I’ve noticed that many of the colors are off, text is hard to read, doesn’t seem to match what this meta website is using (which I’m assuming is the latest default theme / color palette)

I hope it’s up-to-date ! :smile:

I think what you want can be achieved from your admin panel:

To create a new empty theme:

  1. Customize → Themes → Themes tab → Install

  2. Create New → Choose a name and let the default type “Theme” → Create

And if you’re just talking about the color palette:

  1. Customize → Colors → New → Choose Light as base palette

  2. Change the name to something meaningful

  3. Select your theme and assign it this new palette.

Beware of conflict of any kind (layout, colors…) if you have custom CSS or components in your current theme.


Yes, it’s been regularly updated. This issue I’ve noticed is only regarding how the content is rendered (theme / colors - which one I can’t say, I’m not a HTML expert).

Would this automatically pick up the latest default theme from github?

I’m no expert here, so I’m trying to understand which components I need to update to get my “old” forum look/feel like a “new” install.

You can also use the /wizard at any time to review all of the new visual options available to a fresh install.


I think it’ll do what you want


This is fabulous, thanks - really cool feature which will help folks in exactly my situation.

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I noticed something weird while creating a set of new color palettes using the defaults. Everything upto Dark Rose show the name tags as Primary, Secondary, Tertiary etc

WCAG palettes show different names Primary, Primary-medium etc

And Dracula onwards it changes to primary_very_low, primary_low etc

This is normal or a bug?

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